Stanley's "I saw a maiden" organ accompaniment recovered.

The original organ part of this lovely arrangement had been lost. It has now been reconstructed from a recording as far as possible by friends in the Netherlands and Colorado, U.S.A.


Stanley's music was heard across the USA over the Advent/Christmas season.


I understand that Stanley's carols "Eastern Monarchs" and "I saw a maiden" were sung this year in St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Denver, Colorado for the first time.

St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Gladstone, New Jersey also scheduled some of Stanley's music.

Stanley's organ piece "A Morning Contemplation" was played in the First Community Church, Columbus, Ohio.

"God to enfold me" was scheduled for the Offertory at the Church of the Nativity. Rancho Santa Fe, California


Chapel Royal

Joseph McHardy, the new Director of Music at HM Chapel Royal, St Jamesís Palace, has introduced Stanley's Rochester Te Deum (men's voices, Plainsong Tone viii, with Fauxbourdons) into the repertoire there.

If anyone reading this happens to know if Stanley wrote a companion Jubilate/Benedictus/Benedicite to the Rochester Te Deum, I would be most interested to hear about it! There are small bits of evidence that such a piece exists, but these conflict with one another! One intriguing clue in the file which Stanley kept, listing his compositions, shows the entry:

"Te Deum & Benedicite....(In the Manual of Plainsong Red Book)"!

Perhaps there's a copy tucked in a Red Book at Peterborough Cathedral? Please contact me at the e-mail address at the bottom of the Home Page if you have any information or ideas on this.


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