Stanley's music & his Peterborough Cathedral choir on YouTube



I guess most people visiting this page will already be aware of Colin Brownlee's ARCHIVE OF RECORDED CHURCH MUSIC. Colin is now making many of his archive recordings available on YouTube. There are already some recordings of Peterborough Cathedral choir under Stanley's direction available on this channel:

BBC Choral Evensong (extracts): Peterborough Cathedral 1959

BBC radio “The Sound of Stone”: Peterborough Cathedral 1971

BBC radio “Britain’s Cathedrals & their Music” Peterborough Cathedral 1965

Stanley's "Behold how good and joyful" 1959


Other YouTube recordings of Stanley's music:

There is a flow'r sprung of a tree (The Choir of Somerville College, Oxford)

A Fancy for Tuba (Gary Sieling at Westminster Abbey on the eve of Stanley's 100th birthday, 14 February 2010)

Trumpet Air and Interlude (Marko Hakanpää at the Grönlund organ of St. Michael's Church in Turku, Finland.)

Psalms 97 & 99 from Peterborough BBC Radio Choral Evensong, May 1964 (chants: Armstrong, Vann)

Fêtes (played by Matthias Rascher)

Prelude on Gerontius (played by Graham Maclagan)


Other YouTube recordings of the choir:

O clap your hands together, all ye people (Batten)- Peterborough Cathedral Choir, 1964

Peterborough also features in Colin's talk 'A Century of Recorded Church Music, 1902-2002' (at about 39 minutes into the talk).



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