Homage to Stanley Vann

Two pieces for organ, by Geoffrey Carter:

Stanley's Siciliano

A Little Fanfare for Stanley

Front page of Homage to Stanley Vann


This has just been published by animus: a direct link to the publication is here.



Geoffrey was a lay-clerk at Peterborough during Stanley's time. He was also Assisitant Organist at Leicester Cathedral for 21 years and currently conducts Humberstone Choral Society - both posts held by Stanley at the start of his career. "Stanley's Siciliano" was written in 1996, when the Leicester and District Organists' Association visited Wansford. It is based on two of Stanley's chants - for Psalms 142 and 14.

"A Little Fanfare for Stanley", a "Celebration in 100 bars" was written for Stanley's 100th birthday. (Geoffrey travelled up to Richmond to join Stanley and other ex-choir members for a celebration lunch.) It is also based on a couple of Stanley's chants: for Psalms 147 and 115.

The original intention was to include the chants themselves within the publication, but unfortunately permission to include these was not forthcoming from the publisher of the chants. These can, however, be obtained from Wordwide Music/Anglo American Music Publishers as a set of 32 chants by Stanley.

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