ANOTHER new CD is now available!

.... and at a very attractive price: £5 -including p&p!

Christmas by Candlelight


If you were associated with Peterborough Cathedral around 1963 I'm sure you will remember the lovely tenor voice of James Griffett. If you were in the choir around 1976-7, you will probably remember James returning with a colleague, Mark Brown, under the guise of PCA to make two LPs: Christmas by Candlelight, and Stainer's Crucifixion.

Over the last month or two, James has been working with Mark Brown, the original producer of both recordings, to re-master the Christmas by Candlelight recording on to the CD format. This has now come to fruition, and is available from PCA by e-mailing

I understand that it may also be available through Peterborough Cathedral shop.

The CD features a collection of Christmas carols arranged by Stanley and Mark:

1.            Sweet was the song (arr. Stanley Vann)

2.            I saw three ships (arr. Mark Brown)

3.            Silent night (arr. Mark Brown)

4.            Jesu, Thou art welcome (arr. Stanley Vann)

5.            Shepherds now their flocks (arr. Mark Brown)

6.            The holly and the ivy (arr. Mark Brown)

7.            Rocking carol (arr. Mark Brown))

8.            On Christmas Night (arr. Mark Brown)

9.            Sing lullaby  (arr. Stanley Vann)

10.        I saw a maiden (arr. Stanley Vann)

11.        Unto us a boy is born (arr. Mark Brown)

12.        Coventry carol (arr. Mark Brown)

13.        Bethlehem lay sleeping (arr. Stanley Vann)

14.        Away in a manger (arr. Mark Brown)


Cover design: Susan Brown

Production: Mark Brown   -    Engineer Tony Faulkner

For details email:



Many thanks to James and Mark - and to all involved with this project - it's great to have these favourites brought into a modern, more useable format!

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